A Samuel Clemens Quiz

A Samuel Clemens Quiz from Warren Brown
a.k.a. Mark Twain


Which of the following did Mark Twain say was “one of the most exquisite books ever written”?

a: Don Quixote of La Mancha , b: Robinson Crusoe , c: A Tale of Two Cities , d: Jungle Book

Mark Twain’s first published story appeared in Carpet Bag in what year?

a: 1852, b: 1851, c: 1856, d: 1862

Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven was the last book that Mark Twain published during his lifetime in 1909. Mark Twain began writing this book in what year?

a: 1868, b: 1884, c: 1905, d: 1909

This posthumously published novel No.44, The Mysterious Stranger , also known as the Print Shop , is the final version that Mark Twain wrote and may be considered his last novel. It was first published in what year?

a: 1969, b: 1916, c: 1982, d: 1935

Which of the following is the last novel Mark Twain published in his lifetime?

a: Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc , b: Pudd’nhead Wilson ,

c: Connecticut Yankee , d: Tom & Huck Among the Indians

Mark Twain personally knew many of the Presidents of the United States . Who of the following did Sam not meet?

a: Abraham Lincoln, b: Woodrow Wilson, c: Teddy Roosevelt, d: Franklin Roosevelt

Which of the following pseudonyms did Mark Twain not use?

a: Simon Wheeler, b: Josh, c: W. Ephaminondas Adrastus Perkins, d: Blab

Who of the following did Mark Twain not consider a close personal friend?

a. Winston Churchill, b: Helen Keller, c: Thomas Edison, d: P.T. Barnum

Which of the following Mark Twain stories was not anonymously published?

a. “A Dog’s Tale”, b: “A War Prayer”, c: 1601 , d: “Christian Citizenship”

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