Programs Available

Circus Lions & Tigers!

(Available at considerable extra cost)

However, a question and answer session with Mark Twain
generally accompanies each show.

Contact Warren Brown
(815) 468-0635

These Programs promote an appreciation for Humanity, Education and Literacy in a way that is Humorous, Inspirational and Historically Amusing.


40 to 90 Minute Programs for grades K-12.

Creative Writing Workshop for grades 4 thru 6.
Teaches writing tecniques and offers publishing tips.
Creates professional writers of students in 30 minutes!



60 to 90 Minute Programs for Seminars, Trade Shows, or Employee Events.


Stage Shows

Two 45 Minute Acts with Intermission.



Individual Shows of Varying Lengths and General Mingling with Attendees according to your needs.


Libraries / Museums

60 Minute Program is most commonly preferred, for families or adults.



60 Minute Programs. Up To 50% Grant Funding Available Depending on Location.



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