Welcome To Mark’s Remarks

Welcome to my BLOG.

It’s been a pleasure and privilege to portray one of America’s greatest Americans.

Working with literacy programs and special needs students, I began this program to encourage students to read.

My commitment to this page is to bring weekly wit, wisdom, and reflections on subjects Sam Clemens wrote and spoke about or might have commented about with contemporary issues.

My remarks may be in error, but I promise to include suggested reading and citations to support my remarks, when I can remember where they are located.

My indebted thanks are extended to all the Mark Twain scholars who have contributed volumes of research, especially Jim Zwick, who encouraged my initial programs and helped create something beyond the norm. To all, my eternal thanks.

I invite you to leave your comments as well.


Warren Brown a.k.a Mark Twain

Now to begin… “Never tell a lie…except to practice.”

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